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Our Portfolio

See the portfolio of projects to see how we have sought innovative thinking into practice. offers a wide range of consulting services and expertise for incubating new ventures business.

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Geospatial imaging & remote monitoring

We have worked with organisations to develop their capabilities in this field first to help conserve endangered heritage and then in immersive learning. More recently we have focussed on applying this expertise to environmental  monitoring. The war in Ukraine is having a profound impact on the environment. This initiative is exploring how innovations in geospatial imaging and remote monitoring can help citizens track changes and identify priorities areas for remediation


Innovations in Prosthetics 

From injury to a renewed purpose

We have been  supporting start-up ventures in the field of prosthetics as well as exploring how innovations in this field could transform care pathways for organisations engaged in the support for amputees

Mapping, Modelling &
Monitoring endangered heritage sites

We have been developing tools to enable local communities to map, model and monitor their heritage sites using advances in consumer technology, thereby helping to protect and share their heritage – as well as creating a network of digitally literate conservationists and entrepreneurs.

Using Simulation tools
for capacity building in emergencies

This was in response to the Ebola pandemic and sought to build on advances in simulation training, and make them available to health workers in the affected countries.


Sustainable &Inclusive Development

Encouraging systems thinking in development

Systems thinking is critical to sustainable development because it allows us to understand and address the complex and interconnected nature of social, economic, and environmental systems.​ Increasingly the concept of the circular economy is becoming a more important input into business strategy

Business Consultation

Business Strategy & Innovation

Management consulting & advisory work

Clients often approach LSN Ltd for advice on strategy development, marketing, fundraising and R&D management. Clients have ranged from leading healthcare multinationals to multilateral organisations through to SME.​

This builds on experience in having been involved in range of transformational health initiatives from being part of the team that launched  the world’s first genetically engineered vaccine; advising the WHO’s Children’s Vaccine Initiative (the CVI) whose  successor was GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance; the Rockefeller Foundation’s Centre for the Management of IP in Health Research and Development; and the Palliative Care Initiative to transform the end of life care in the community based on innovative approaches in low resources settings. 

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