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Rescuing a Patient

Innovations In Trauma Management, Prosthetics & Amputee Support

Early Intervention

The rehabilitation journey can start as soon as the patient is stabilised, sometimes offering an opportunity to take the first step on that longer journey to greater independence. Early interventions can dramatically shorten that journey as well as improving the potential prognosis. However this often requires a multidisciplinary team able to have a more holistic view of how to support the patient and ensure a more integrated approach to future care.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Building independence

Building independence is crucial in the rehabilitation

journey of an amputee.


Greater independence can:

  • enhance quality of life

  • increase self-esteem

  • facilitate reintegration into society

  • reduce the burden on caregivers

  • and improve physical health.

Emerging technologies are transforming the potentia

of prosthetics to provide much greater functionality and

comfort than ever before.

Accessible Library

Learning New Skills

Specialist training programmes may be needed to provide access to emergent fields of work that also may match the capabilities and aspirations of the patient.

That could even involve becoming involved in the development of better technologies by using the insights from their lived experience to provide support to peers.

New skills, particularly in the digital field can open up new jobs. We are preparing a case study on the Cisco Academy for amputees in Prishtina, Kosovo.

The mission right at the start

We collaborated with Alex Lewis and his team that supported him from resuscitation to the design of radically new prosthetic solutions. This first mission is documented in this video. The team brought trauma supplies, shared knowledge, ran workshops, delivered a vehicle to be used as a field ambulance and even fitted the first soft prosthetics to be used in Ukraine.

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